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So you're a freelance graphic designer and you want to want to sell your album cover art... you're in the right place! 
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Signing up

Start by hitting 'Designer Sign Up'.
From there you will be prompted to open your shop by entering your designer details.

Once you apply we will need to approve your account, please be sure to fill out all of the required shop information including profile picture and a shop banner to be eligible for approval.

*applications are monitored daily so you will be approved/rejected within 24 hours.

Uploading your Work

Once your store is approved you will be given acess to your own admin panel to controll your store. From here you are able to visit the 'My Products' tab and upload your first piece by following these steps;

Product Name: (enter the name of your cover art)

Product Type: (this MUST ALWAYS be listed as 'community')

Description: (copy and paste the following) -

'Does this cover match the vibe of your project? Purchase this pre-made cover art if so! The file you will receive will be a high-resolution 3000X3000px JPEG, tailored with your details, perfect for all major streaming platforms.'

Price: (you may choose your own price in USD, remember a 25% fee will be deducted from the total cost of your order to cover the cost of our platform promotion and the google ad campaigns we provide)

Digital Product Details:
(this MUST ALWAYS be listed as 'Digital Product as Service')

Product Image: (image uploads are recommended to be .JPG 1024x1024 and <15MB)

Collections: (selecting a collection is NOT necessary please leave unselected)

*all artwork uploaded MUST be completely exclusive and a 1 of 1 design. Continuous & purposeful breaches of the above instructions will result in your shop being closed and you will be unable to open a new one again.

Delivery Time

At Coverhub we pride ourselves on turnaround time. When joining Coverhub we hope you have the same values. Orders are expected to be complete within 48 hours of the order.


As of right now we are only able to send designer payments via PayPal. Designers are paid within 24 hours of their order being fullfilled. 
You can add your payment details within your admin panel under the 'Payment Details' tab.

*a 25% comission fee will be deducted from the total order cost to cover the cost of out platform promotion and Google Ad Campaignes


In the event where an order of yours is cancelled or refunded the total order amount will be requested via PayPal to cover the cost if the refund reson is valid.